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BoxiePro® Self-Cleaning Probiotic Crystal Non-Clumping Cat Litter (6 LB)


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Probiotics use good bacteria to fight bad bacteria in your litter box 24/7 for natural odor control, up to 40 days.

A non-toxic crystal litter with an added proprietary blend of Boxie® probiotics and MicroDry™ Odor Absorption Crystals that provide self-cleaning properties and trap odors for over a month.

Our best-selling probiotic cat litter is the first of its kind, providing the cleanest crystal litter experience possible. Using a proprietary blend of probiotics, Boxie® Pro™ litter products eliminate odor and waste naturally and effectively.


Crystal litters are highly absorbent and pawrents are only required to scoop waste on a daily basis. After scooping, the remaining litter is mixed around in the litter box for up to a month, meaning your cat is stepping into litter containing ammonia and other waste particles.

Without probiotics, your cat is stepping in their own waste, tracking it throughout the home and ingesting it during bath time. Using a probiotic crystal litter means that probiotics are working 24/7 to eliminate bacteria at a microscopic level, meaning your cat is essentially stepping into a new box of litter after every use.


  • Proprietary MicroDry™ Odor Absorption Crystals trap and neutralize odors for 40-day odor control
  • Easy Upkeep™ — only scoop solids, let the probiotics handle the rest!
  • Probiotic solutions work 24/7 to clean litter after every use

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