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Canine Color - Semi Perm Fur Coat Coloring Shampoo

Warren London Dog Products

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Pet Safe Dog Hair Dye: Our Dog shampoo temporary coloring is extremely safe and gentle on the coat of your pet. Our products are only tested on humans. They are dog approved. This product is Made in the USA. Get Creative and Have Fun: Our shampoo coloring is so easy to use! Just lather the shampoo in for 2-3 minutes and rinse off. Super quick results in minutes for a pastel look and 1 or 2 additional shampoo rinses for a bright and vivid look. Semi-Permanent Hair Color: You have your choice of 8 amazing bright and vivid colors to choose from. Mix them up for some fun and crazy looks for your pup. Non-Toxic: We don't use any harsh chemicals and it will not have any bad odors that the dog or their human will have to breathe in. We do not use any harmful or strong ingredients including ammonia or bleach that can be dangerous for pets. Canine Color: Our semi-perm line of colors works best on White Coats and can also work on lighter haired coats. It will not show up on black coats.