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Chonky Peanuts™ Snuffle Mat | Challenge Level 2


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Who does not love peanut butter ? Inspired by our chonky dogs, this design provides the required complexity in enrichment for our smaller fur friends like bunnies, cats, ferrets, hedgehogs, chinchillas, ducks and similar. With plenty of place to hide treats / dog food with different materials to add a sensory dimension to the enrichment, this mat will soon become a favourite with your fur friend! And what's better? The peanuts have squeakers too. Let's give our pups a superior snuffling experience with the chonky peanuts snuffle mat! 🥜🐶❤️ Designed in Canada Size: 16 in x 15.7 in | 41 cm x 40 cm Material: Fleece, Felt, Chennile Detachable Parts: 2 Peanuts Features: Soft fleece, felt and chennile for sensory enrichment Complex puzzles for smaller pets Detachable peanuts with squeakers for modulating difficulty Anti-slip bottom with a large suction cup 4 puzzle sections to facilitate with varying difficulty to challenge your pet's brain