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Coastal Pet Sublime Dog Leash

Coastal Pet Products

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  • Twice the style with two-sided design featuring complementary patterns.
  • Fashion-forward hardware for added style.
  • Extra-wide width makes bold patterns easily visible.
  • Colorful, trendy patterns reflect current fashion trends.
  • Designed to pair easily with Sublime® Dog Collars for complete look.


    Experience the epitome of style versatility with the Sublime® Dog Leash, a revolutionary accessory that brings a double dose of fashion to your canine companion's outings. Unveil a whole new dimension of style with the leash's unique two-sided design, showcasing two harmonious patterns that interplay for an unexpectedly chic twist. The leash's extra-wide width ensures that its trendy patterns capture attention effortlessly, making every stroll a fashion-forward spectacle. The leash's hardware exudes a bold, fashion-forward statement. The creative range of patterns draws inspiration from the latest fashion trends, giving you a variety of choices to reflect your dog's individuality. Elevate their style game by pairing the leash with a coordinating collar and harness. Experience the fusion of fashion and functionality with the Sublime® Dog Leash.


    Vibrant Patterns.


    Ideal for everyday use.

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