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Dematting Rake Brush

Warren London Dog Products

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- A Must for Pet Owners: Whether you’re tired of spending a fortune on expensive pet grooming salons, or you simply want your furry friend to enjoy a silky-smooth fur without implying the usual knots and tangles, the Warren London dog rake brush is the perfect solution! - Superior Durable Construction: This dog deshedding tool is made employing highest grade, durable materials, a combination of ultra-sharp inner blade, stainless steel frame and ergonomic aluminum handle, being easy to clean and designed to last for many years! - Safe and Comfortable: Unlike similar products on the market, this dog detangler features a rounded edge design which is gentle on your pet’s delicate skin, effectively cutting through mats and knots without causing irritation or discomfort. - Improved Efficiency: Our long hair dog brush works as a 2 in 1 dematting undercoat and rake comb, with special comb teeth between each blade helping deshed while effectively removing mats, tangles and knots.