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Dexas MudBuster® Portable Dog Paw Cleaner Light Gray Large With Lid


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The Award-winning, Dexas MudBuster now features a lid for pets on-the-go!

The Mudbuster provides quick cleaning of a dog's dirty or muddy paws, before they track it all over the house or car. The unique, patented design features an array of soft, gentle silicone bristles inside an easy-to-grip tumbler. Add a little water, insert the muddy paw, do the twist, dab the paw dry, repeat for 3 more feet! If you're on the go, pack your Mudbuster with Lid with water & soap before hitting the road.

Find the MudBuster™
That is Perfect for Your Pup!

The Large MudBuster is perfectly sized for large and extra-large sized dogs: it measures 8.85 inches tall and 4.75 inches wide. The open top allows a paw up to 3.5 inches wide. Breeds include Bulldog, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Labrador and Husky.

The Medium MudBuster is perfectly sized for medium sized dogs: it measures 6 inches tall and 4 inches wide. The open top allows a paw up to 2.5 inches wide. Breeds include Australian Shepherd, Beagle, Border Collie, Boxer, Corgi, English Bulldog and many Terriers.

Dexas is the original inventor of the patented Mudbuster. Designed in the USA & manufactured of highest quality - beware of copies.

US Patent No. D799,126

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