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Northwest Naturals Recreational and Raw Meaty Bones

Northwest Naturals

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Recreational and Raw Meaty Bones

Beef Bones • Now even bigger than ever

  • Small Pack of Bones – 8 per package
  • Medium Pack of Bones – 4 per package
  • Large Pack of Bones – 2 per package

Raw meaty bones may be added to your pet’s daily diet as a treat or a snack.

Bones should always be given with supervision to ensure your pet does not consume the bone too quickly.

These products are intended for supplemental feeding only.

Our Beef is Grass-fed and sourced in the USA and is Antibiotic and Hormone Free.

Natural source of protein, fat, and minerals.

Knuckle Bones

  • Makes for a great chew
  • Excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, and healthy fats
  • Keeps your pup entertained for hours
  • Cleans teeth naturally while they gnaw away

Raw Frozen Necks

  • Chicken Necks – 10 per package
  • Duck Necks – 6 per package
  • Turkey Necks – 4 per package

Frozen Duck, Turkey and Chicken Necks from Northwest Naturals


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