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Pet Palette Distribution - UTW Cat- Calming Soft Chews

Pet Palette Distribution

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Help keep your cat calm and collected with Under the Weather’s Calming Soft Chews Cat Supplement! Thiamine helps support normal nervous system function, L-theanine helps encourage sleep and relaxation, while L-tryptophan, an essential fatty acid, converts into serotonin once it’s absorbed in your pet’s body. This is the paw-fect supplement to give her during stressful situations like long rides in the car, during thunderstorms or for separation anxiety. These soft chews are manufactured in Vermont without any corn, artificial flavors or dyes and have a purr-worthy whitefish flavor your kitty will go head-over-tail for! Key Benefits Helps keep your cat calm and emotionally balanced during stressful times. Can be helpful during thunderstorms and trips in the car. L-theanine supports healthy sleep and relaxation. Contains L-tryptophan, which converts to serotonin once absorbed. Completely free of corn, artificial flavors and dyes and delivers a palatable whitefish flavor.