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Tuffy's Draco the Dragon Dog Toy
Tuffy's Draco the Dragon Dog Toy
Tuffy's Draco the Dragon Dog Toy
Tuffy's Draco the Dragon Dog Toy

Tuffy's Draco the Dragon Dog Toy


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Tuffy's Newest Dragon - Draco is ready to take Playtime to all-new heights. This Dragon is back to reality for your dog's sole enjoyment and ultimate companionship! Built with 4 layers and triple-stitched seams, breathe some fire into your dog's toy box. Draco measures in at 4.0" x 21.0" x 13.0". This toy is reinforced with multiple layers of material, and extra rows of stitching, and has webbing on the outside edge to protect the seams during those exciting games of toss and fetch.


Tuffy toys are made with UP TO 4 layers.

1 layer of soft fleece on the outside.
1 to 2 layers of industrial-grade luggage material on the inside.
1 layer of plastic coating on the inside.


All of the toy layers are sewn together to make one super strong layer of material. Each toy is sewn together with 2 rows of cross-stitching and 2 rows of linear stitching. Some toys have an additional piece of black trim which protects the edging and makes the toy even stronger.

The squeakers are attached to the toy with protective pouches. This feature provides a safe window to remove the toy from your pet should it reach the core.

Over time your pet may begin to wear down the different layers of the toy and may loosen or remove pieces. This is normal. Remove loose threads to avoid ingestion. If your pet reaches the white stuffed core of the toy discard it immediately.

Our toys are "Built to Last", but keep in mind no toy will last forever. This toy is designed as an interactive "play" toy and is not a chew toy. No part of the toy should be ingested. Dog toys are meant for you and your pet to enjoy together. Don’t allow your pet to play with any toy unsupervised. Remember to be a responsible parent and stay close when your dog is playing with any dog toys.

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