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Warren London Grooming Comb - Available in 3 Different Types

Warren London Dog Products

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Warren London's Copper Crescent "Moon" Comb for dogs is uniquely crafted with a curved shape that follows the natural contours of your dog's body; ensuring comfortable, detailed, and efficient grooming sessions. Constructed from high-quality copper, renowned for its strength and corrosion resistance, this comb is built to withstand the test of time. The properties of copper help maintain a hygienic grooming environment. Additionally, copper has been associated with improved circulation and skin health, contributing to a glossy and lustrous coat for your canine companion. This comb is also designed for fluffing and adding a adorable finish to any groomer or dog owners work. The dense arrangement of bristles on the comb allow for thorough grooming; efficiently capturing loose hair, debris, and tangles with each stroke. The coarse texture of the bristles aid in breaking up mats and tangles, gently working through the coat without causing discomfort or pain for your pet.