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Warren London Paw Defense Wax Soothes Moisturizes and Protects Dog's Paw Pads (2.1 oz)

Warren London

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  • Easy To Use - Rub this easy-to-apply dog paw balm into you pup's paws to bring relief to dry, chapped and cracked pads! The consistency is durable enough to coat, but also soft enough to be used as a paw butter or dog paw cream.
  • Relieve & Soothe - This paw pad moisturizer contains a natural bees wax cream which makes it like paw nectar or a paw lotion for dogs. It is also infused with Vitamin E, Eucalyptus, and Antioxidants to act as a heeling & relieving salve on achy and red dog feet.
  • Protect - Use year-round to provide a layer of protection (or pawtection) from the elements. This paw wax for dogs works as a protective shield on snow and ice to prevent slipping in winter, and it works well to protect the skin on pet feet from hot asphalt and pavement in the summer.
  • Extreme Activities- Perfect for mushers, hunters, walkers or hikers to use before any outdoor activity! This dog balm for paws orks well with or instead of dog shoes for hot pavement, dog booties for ice, dog boots for snow, or dog snow boots.
  • Versatile Applications - This dog paw lotion is safe for all ages so it works as the perfect puppy paw balm. The product is designed for your pet's foot, but it can also be applied on the nose, snout, elbow, and wrinkles. Use in between applications of your favorite dog paw cleaner, paw plunger, or paw soak.

Directions: Apply as needed. Massage gently into the paw pads. Works well on areas with dryness or cracks. Great for year round protection.

Ingredients: Cocos nucifera oil, glycine sojo oil, isopropyl palmitate, cetaryl behenate, beeswax, tocopheryl acetate, ascorbyl palmitate, tocopherol, eucalyptus globulus leaf oil

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