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Woodies coffee wood dog chew toys (4 sizes)

Woodies dog chew toys

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US COMPANY: Woodies is a US small business. We designed the product in California, source the wood from select farms in Vietnam, and our team produces and QA's the chews with unique US technology. ALL NATURAL: Woodies Dog Chews are 100% natural, organic, no additives, no caffeine. Handmade - wood is de-barked, smoothed, ends rounded, cleaned, tested. ECO and COMMUNITY-FRIENDLY: Sustainably harvested. Minimal and recyclable packaging. Tied with coconut string. A donation from profits will be made to the ASPCA. STRONG and LONG-LASTING: Coffee wood is strong yet safe for teeth, good for chewing, and gradually breaks down into small, safe fibers and pieces. HEALTHY: Coffee wood is good for your dog’s dental health - strengthens jaw muscles, cleans teeth and gums, freshens breath, helps with digestion.