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Woof Pupsicle Treat Tray


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Freezable dog treat mold for making your own Pupsicle treats! Quick to clean, convenient to fill, and a fun way to spoil your dog!

What's included?

Pupsicle Treat Tray
Re-freezable treat trays to make Pupsicle treats.

Full Details

Made from 100% food-grade silicone, the treat tray pairs perfectly with the Pupsicle toy. 

Fill it with your dog's favorite food (wet food, broth, yogurt, and more), and pop it in the freezer to make 4 perfectly sized treats your dog will adore! 

Dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.


1. Customize treats to what your dog loves!
2. Save money with DIY treats.
3. Less waste - use the tray and Pupsicle over and over again!

How To Use

Fill the tray with your dog's favorite foods (like broth or wet food), freeze for a few hours, then pop out a few treats and you're good to go!

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